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  • Books – What I’m Reading

    *This post contains affiliate links.*     Books I’m currently reading. Looking for something to read?  Here are a few books to start with.   I’m not typically the kind of girl that reads multiple books at once.  I know that some people have a book for different categories that they enjoy reading about, like… KEEP READING

    Books – What I’m Reading
  • How to Maintain Peace

      What is Peace, really?   Peace – What do you think of when you hear the word Peace?   I looked at the definition in preparation for this post, and this is what I found: Oxford Dictionary – PEACE – Freedom from disturbance, quiet, and tranquility; freedom from war and violence   Peace and… KEEP READING

    How to Maintain Peace
  • 90 Day Goals – Check in and Update

        90 Day Goals – Day 30 – Check in and Update   We are 30 days into our 90 day goals.  So, it’s time to check in and for me to share the progress on each goal.  If you read the post earlier this week, you already know, I pretty much flopped on my goals. … KEEP READING

    90 Day Goals – Check in and Update